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The strength of TechTrage is built around the expertise and experience of our key personnel.


The Management Team

Stephen Belfer – Founding Director

Stephen has over 25 years of international business experience in Asia, North America and Europe. He has an extensive background in technology and entrepreneurship. Across the world, he has worked with a wide variety of private, government and academic institutions.


Andrew Durieux – Founding Director

Andrew Durieux is an Australian operating in Asia, mainly in Thailand, for almost 10 years, and has owned and run companies in many environments. Andrew has many years of experience working for leading technology providers such as Telstra Australia. He has been the IT Manager for a number of "operational" businesses.

In addition to this broad experience, he is a qualified Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management specialist. Andrew is also the current President of the Australian Thailand Chamber of Commerce (AustCham), which provides access to government officials and a network of over 9000 member organizations throughout Asia.



Scientific Advisory Panel

TechTrage's network of academic and scientific advisors offers technical assistance for production-specific issues, as well as R&D support for continued technology evolution.




TechTrage's financial network provides the gateway for capital investments tailored to specific opportunities and matching the desired risk and return profiles.



Country-Specific Advisors

For foreign operations, TechTrage's in-country experts provides cultural understanding and the necessary entrées to work successfully with local people and institutions.



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